Partner with Canyongate Financial to Drive Growth for Your Customers’ Businesses

Build a broker relationship with Canyongate to secure fast capital and financial resources for your customers

Helping Brokers and Small Businesses Succeed

Our broker partners work with businesses of all shapes, sizes, and verticals. They trust Canyongate to help them drive growth for their clients through a number of finance options.

As a Canyongate Financial partner, you will:

Own Your Relationships

Maintain customer relationships while expanding your product offering.

Access Top Financing Options

Offer your customers access to the best financing options on the market.

Get Approved Fast

Application turnaround time is between one-two hours.

Enjoy Hands-On Service

Your dedicated point of contact will help you through the application process.

Earn More

We pay 20% of gross margin and offer a sliding scale increase for larger deals.

Secure Customer Funding

We work with everyone, from startups to larger fleets to overexposed clients.

Through CanyonConnect, our revolutionary pipeline management solution designed specifically for dealerships, you can take advantage of live deal tracking, enhanced productivity via automated processes, and customizable capabilities.

Put our years of specialty financing experience to work for you. Get in touch to find out how Canyongate Financial can help you bring more value to your customers and get more deals done.